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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 10-Nov-2006 13:04

The editors of the OpenEdge Hive ( ) are pleased to announce the availability of Proogle, a Google-based search which searches only Progress-related sites. We hope you will find this a valuable resource. The sites included are all of those in our white and yellow pages listing, so if we have missed your site, use the Contact tab to lets us know and we will add you in. We think this is very cool since "Progress" produces over 406 million hits on Google ... and they are hardly all about software!

We have also recently added a Forums tab to the navigation tabs at the top in order to make it easy to find discussion forums. Remember, though, that the Hive also allows attaching comments directly to pages, so the best way to keep in touch with new content is to make sure that you are subscribed to all of the relevent groups. Then you will get e-mail whenever there is any new content, whether it is a forum post, comment, new book page, new project, or whatever.

These notifications are one of the benefits of registering. We have noticed that there are still a number of people who registered, but have never logged on. If you didn't get your registration e-mail, please check your e-mail address and use the Forgot Password link. There were some issues with reverse DNS initially that may have blocked some mails, but that is now fixed, so let us know if you can't get logged in.

In addition to Proogle, we have had a number of outside contributions to OE Hive since our initial announcements. In addition to a number of comments, issues, user links, and forum posts, these include:

AutoEdge - Issue tracker for Progress Software's AutoEdge reference implementation of OERA. (John Green)

Browsebuilder - This is a dynamic browserwindow, fed from a minimal repository to get the specific UI and query.

(Stefan Houtzager)

Desktop search, code analysis - a blog entry with multiple comments. (John Green)

Development Tools Group - This is a group for keeping track of all ABL development support tools on the Hive. (Thomas Mercer-Hursh)

Dynamic Query Tool Kit - A set of routines to aid with developing software containing dynamic queries. It greatly simplifies coding and readability. (Scott Auge)

Generate include files for Windows constants - The included program allows the generation of include files containing pre-processor definition for all of the constants within any type library. (Tom Bergman)

HTMLDict - HtmlDict is a v8/9/10 compatible metaschema web page creator. (Patrick Tingen)

Know if two files are identical with ABL - a blog entry with code (dlauzon)

OO Wish List - The following is a list I prepared for PSC some months back. A couple of these have made it into the 10.1B beta (but I can't say which!). (Thomas Mercer-Hursh) Calc Library - This is a collection of functions and procedures that provide an API to the Calc spreadsheet application. (Mat Nadrofsky)

PCT - (Progress Compilation Tools) is a set of ANT tasks, designed to compile Progress® procedures and dump/load databases. (Gilles Querret)

Thing - Thing is a UNIX/Windows Progress table editor, browser, searcher, query creator and dictionary display tool for program development. (dsellari)

and, a report on Progress Technology World from Teppo Määttänen ... in Finnish.

Keep the content coming folks! I think this shows great hope.

John Green

Jurjen Dijkstra

Thomas Mercer-Hursh

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