What open source programs are you using with OpenEdge?

Posted by gus on 09-Nov-2006 13:06

I know many of you use a variety of third-party products to supplement your 4GL applications. I'm interested in learning what /open source/ modules or products you may be using in combination with OpenEdge and your applications. If you can, please provide a url and if it isn't self-evident, what problem it solves for you.


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Posted by ChUIMonster on 11-Nov-2006 09:19

1) ProTop. http://www.greenfieldtech.com/articles/protop.shtml It solves my database monitoring & troubleshooting problems quite nicely.

2) GnuPlot. You can get it at sourceforge but I have found find this URL: http://t16web.lanl.gov/Kawano/gnuplot/index-e.html to be invaluable. I use it to create charts & graphs. It's kind of rough around the edges but very powerful.

3) Linux. The perfect development environment and a pretty good deployment choice for all but the very largest systems.

4) Apache. Everyone needs a web server

5) PuTTY. Us fossils need terminal emulators too.

6) FireFox. Develop your client side web code with FireFox first. Then test it with IE and deal with any issues that come up. Life is much simpler and far less frustrating -- you'll have a lot less problems this way than the other way around.

7) I've just started using PDFInclude to create PDF files from within Progress. It's a very cool tool. I should have looked into it a long time ago.

Posted by dvanzo on 12-Nov-2006 17:21

I'm a very happy user of Subversion...


Posted by Admin on 13-Nov-2006 15:38

1) FOP http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/

pdf files generation

2) ProTOP

database monitoring

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