WIDGET-ID compile errors in v9

Posted by akjump on 15-Nov-2006 06:02

We have recently upgraded our development environment to use OE10.1B, and are writing all our code using this version, but is to be compiled under 9.1D for customers (as they have not yet upgraded)! Our test environment is also 9.1D.

When we add a widget to an existing screen (for example a toggle) OE10 AppBuilder automatically sets the WIDGET-ID for this widget. This compiles without error in OE10, but when it is compiled in 9.1D in the test environment, it quite obviously errors. The solution is to set the WIDGET-ID to ? (question-mark).

What I would like to know is, is it possible to have the WIDGET-ID default to ? for all new widgets that I add to a screen (existing or new). I have had a look through the templates for AppBuilder and cannot find anything.


Andy Jump

CalSoftware Ltd

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Posted by Admin on 15-Nov-2006 07:28

Please note, I am not on 10, so cannot test this solution:

KB P114461

"Errors 247 and 198 when trying to load code generated in OpenEdge 10.1A into an earlier version of Progress"


Disable the option to add the WIDGET-ID attribute automatically.

1) In AppBuilder, go to Options > Preferences > Widget ID

2) Uncheck the box "Automatically assign Widget IDs"

3) Click on the "Save Settings" button

Note that this will only affect newly generated code. Existing code

will have to be edited manually to remove the WIDGET-ID attribute.


Posted by akjump on 15-Nov-2006 08:27

Thank you very much - this is exactly the fix we needed. I don't remember seeing the WidgetId tab before in the preferences screen!!

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