Debugger Segment has exceeded its limit of 63488 bytes...

Posted by akjump on 30-Nov-2006 04:27

Guys & Gals,

We have a problem that I hope you might be able to help me with. We have a piece of wcode that is being edited and compiled in OE10.1A, in our development environment. When the code is moved through to the test and live environments (live is sent to the customer in a form of a release) the code is recompiled in 9.1D (as the customers are not yet ready to move forward to OE10.

However, this particular piece of code fails to compile in 9.1D due to the above message .

I know that we can use the min-rcode flag to exclude the debugger segment from the compile, but does anyone know how to actually reduce the debugger segment size through changing the code and then we can keep the segment (especially in test).


Andy Jump

Cal Software Ltd

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Posted by svi on 30-Nov-2006 08:18

A few things that may help:

PKB ID: P19038

Title: "Error (3307) : Debugger Segment Exceeded - running code in development mode."

PKB ID: P22013

Title: "Error (3307): Error (3307) : Debugger Segment Exceeded - defining an internal procedure"

Posted by Admin on 30-Nov-2006 08:30

Hello again Andrew.

Another couple of knowledgebase entries for you - summary is:

1. Move temp-table and internal procedures to external procedures (eg. support libraries).

2. 3307 is a warning (for debugger segment) - r code will run (apparently) but won't be debuggable.

As you may be aware, there is also general 3307 info available in Help > Messages

KB P19038

Title: "Error (3307) : Debugger Segment Exceeded - running code in development mode."

The following two things are major causes of "blowing" the debugger

segment and it may be possible to eliminate the error by removing

and/or moving these things to separate .p files:

- Temp-Tables

- Internal Procedures

You may be interested in knowing what actually gets stored in the

debugger segment. The following list provides that information:

- Variable names and data types

- Buffer names

- Temp-Table descriptions

- Internal procedure information

- Trigger information

- User defined function information

- Executable line numbers

- Sources that comprise the .r file

KB P24121

Title: "Does the r-code file still run fine after getting error# 3307?"

When error message# 3307 occurs, the r-code is still

generated but it does not include the debugger segment. The ability to

debug the program is lost, however, its execution should occur without

any problems.


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Posted by akjump on 04-Dec-2006 02:55

Thanks Salvador and knuthandsome.

I thought you would say something like this. We have used the MIN-RCODE option, but only on the single piece of code that has blown the debugger segment, not on the entire compile. The customers would see a large drop in rcode size and then ask us why we didn't do that earlier - despite the benefit, not worth the headache!!

Will see what we can do with the internal procedures.

I have just tried compiling the code again and the rcode does get generated without the debugger segment but with the warning (just like action code segment warning message).

Thanks guys.


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