Is it dificult to Learn ?!

Posted by Admin on 05-Dec-2006 11:30

How do you do!

Im the beginner with Progress.

I found that IT very usful for life.

It make a revulation on word'life(If we use it)

I wonder ? How dificult learning it?

My English so bad ?

how can i find document or book

most of all be writen in english ?

Please help me!

Thank you so much !

Best Regard.


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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 05-Dec-2006 13:17

Do you have the manuals?

There are also courses available given by both PSC and a number of outside companies as well as consultants who do on-site and remote mentoring.

Are you working on your own or in a shop where other people know ABL?

I have taught a number of programmers that I have hired over the years, always without prior Progress experience, but if they understand about databases, then learning basic ABL coding comes very quickly.

Of course, this also depends on background and version. E.g., if you have background in an OO version and access to 10.1A or above, then you can start right in coding in OO.

Posted by Admin on 06-Dec-2006 06:32

You can check out for John Sadd's Progress 4GL Handbook

Posted by Alon Blich on 06-Dec-2006 07:18

What country are you from ? and what is your native language ?

Besides Progress it's a great opportunity to improve your English.

I'm sorry if I don't have anything good to say but frankly I think you'll have a real hard time getting by without it.

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