ABHack (latest version) Problem.

Posted by Admin on 07-Dec-2006 08:57

OK I'm currently running version 9.1. I downloaded the ABHack 6 i think, that latest version. I followed the read me file and set everything correctively on it. I open a new window to start something and i open my pro-tools and click on the icon i created in there for ABHack It locks up my computer and i have to end task with progress. It was some error that had to do with loadcontrol a catostrophic error. Does anyone have an idea of what i was doing wrong?

And it the latest version for version 10 only and i need the other version for 9.1?

thanks for any help.

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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 07-Dec-2006 09:08

You may want to go here http://www.peg.com/lists/subscribe.html and subscribe the "abhack" forum and ask the project's author.

Posted by Admin on 07-Dec-2006 09:11

thank you very much and sorry if i posted this in the wrong section new to this place

Posted by Admin on 07-Dec-2006 09:16

is that a free forum to join or do i have to pay for a membership

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 07-Dec-2006 09:28

I think you can join for free, but if you're gainfully employed, you should pay the membership fee.

Given the number of extremely knowlegable people that hang out on the PEG, it's cheap by any measure.

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