What is a Temp-Table and how is it used?

Posted by Admin on 07-Dec-2006 13:01

I keep hearing about temp tables in this language and im just curious if someone could give me the run down on this.

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Posted by Admin on 07-Dec-2006 13:14

Search for "temp-table" in the "10.1A Progress 4GL Handbook, by John Sadd" doc from here http://www.psdn.com/library/entry.jspa?externalID=474&categoryID=261 (chapter 11).

A temp-table is not a database temp-table like in SQL, but it's a client side table. For the 4GL it's pretty transparent whether you're querying a temp-table or a database table. The cool things about a temp-table are:

- they use virtual memory, so they flush to disk transparently when the table grows

- you can use this table in a (database) transaction. This means you can do the same things as a with a database table

- a temp-table is a client session thing, so it won't survive the client session

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