Help me ,please ! I'm the beginner

Posted by Admin on 05-Dec-2006 10:53

Dear every body !

I'm the beginner with Progress .

Could give some advaced about this Language.

What should i do first to begin?

Thank you so much

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Posted by Admin on 07-Dec-2006 09:10

im fairly new to progress as well, and im still doing some training. Im doing this training on my own. They bought me some books but i don't know if they work that well.

Sites to use:

Use all forums that you can.


Get and overview on the language and its capabilities.

Start by creating simple DB in the Data Dict.

Then try retreaving data from that db. (progress has the sports db already installed good for practice)

then maybe do some simple queries in it.

than try manipulating the data and what not.

start off doing all this stuff with just the precedure editor just to get teh feel.

once you feel comfortable try useing the app builder

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 07-Dec-2006 09:29

Sites to use: is mostly a rip-off of the Progress Email Group -

You won't find a higher concentration of Progress expertise anywhere else.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 07-Dec-2006 10:56

And let's not forget the new guy on the block .

ProgressTalk has some original content, but it is a small fraction of the PEG. ProgressTalk shows up in Google searches a lot, though, because they copy both PEG and PSDN forum posts.

Posted by Admin on 07-Dec-2006 13:02

First try to understand the physical database concept:

- the physical database consists of several files

- there are tools to copy the database files from one directory to another

Next try to connect to a database. Note that Progress has no fancy database explorer tool. But it's relatively easy to setup/connect to a database.

The "prowin32.exe" executable, assuming you're on Windows, is the runtime client and has several startup parameters. It relies on certain settings, which are stored in the registry, as environment variables or in an INI-file. If these things are not setup properly, you can't really start the runtime client. An important setting is the DLC-variable, which points to the installation directory.

When you start "prowin32.exe" from the installation bin-directory, you will get an empty editor. Go to "Tools", "Data dictionary" and choose for "create a new database". Choose "a copy of the sports database" and you will get a new database with some sample tables and data. Now your procedure editor is connected to this new database. You can now write your first program:

FOR EACH customer:

DISPLAY customer.


This is an equivalent to "SELECT * FROM customer". Choose "Compile", "Run" to run this application.

When you close the "prowin32.exe" session, your database will be disconnected as well, since it was so called "connected in single user mode". Next time you start "prowin32.exe" you have to reconnect by pointing to the existing database file.

When you're more experienced you will learn ways to pass the connection string as a startup parameter to "prowin32.exe", start a database server, etc. Once you're connected to a database, you can start creating screens with the AppBuilder. In this tool you can create a window, via "New" and by choosing "Window". From the palette on the left hand side, you can select a control and drop it on the window. You can run this window. When the window is running, you can't use the AppBuilder (it's not in design mode).

Depending on the Progress version you're using, it could also be equiped with an Eclipse based environment for editing 4GL sources.

Posted by bbe on 07-Dec-2006 16:10

If you are a real beginner, start with the OpenEdge Tour:

Then, if you are ready to try a couple of things, download an evaluation version of OpenEdge Architect from the same page, the Tour contains Try-it which is a mini tutorial.

You can als download all documentation and there's several getting started guides.

Another popular book was/is the 4GL programming handbook.

Hope this helps

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