Control Codes - do we need them

Posted by Muz on 07-Dec-2006 16:56

Ok this isn't techncail but I'd like to get a feeling to see if anyone else thinks it would be good to get rid of control codes?? After 10 years its becoming a pet hate of mine to type them in. Especially when you get to the stage when I can almost guess the last 2 characters after entering hte first 3 ....

Ideas? Does anyone else care?

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 07-Dec-2006 17:22

What would you replace them with?

Posted by Muz on 07-Dec-2006 17:24

A single serial (like Windows) or a "file" that PSC can ship with the CD or download with the codes in them. Then you just select which "available" products you have for install

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 07-Dec-2006 17:35

I would call Windows more like control codes without serial numbers ... and I do find the serial numbers convenient for tracking license history. I would hate to have to type in control codes for tech support and the like.

Posted by svi on 07-Dec-2006 21:57

FYI: We are planning electronic-based sn/cc distribution file(s); no more typing.

Posted by Muz on 10-Dec-2006 14:46

YEAH!!!!! A big thank you!!!!

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