unable to grant DBA acces to SYSPROGRESS on an 8->9 datab

Posted by Admin on 15-Dec-2006 10:40

Well I have to migrate some data for a customer that has a 4gl application that uses progress db & seems to have been ported from v.8 to v.9 I'm aware of the SQL users dissapearing bug in the conversion utility.

Well, after reading all the knoweldge base, docs & some info around finally I managed to modify the Data dictionary to can modify schema data and quickly added a new user as 'sysprogress' password 'sysprogress' in the Data administration tools.

I can log with an internal 4gl user whose has password and is somekind as an 4gl app administration account but can´t los with any another account from 4gl ones, included 'sysprogress'.

When i do a select of DBA users from SQL explorer oly shows SYSPROGRESS with all two attribs marked 'y'.

Maybe the developers modify the 'sysprogress' SQL password? (the 4GL user was not in the 4GL user list and my customer has no notice of more admin passwords than the one provided me).

I did something wrong?

There is any way to recreate this privilege to anyone of the 4gl users?

This is only need for ODBC third app to run even running in read only can't see any data with no one of the logins provided by my customer.

Thanks in advance.

Ximo Vera - Omi-X - Barcelona - Spain.

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