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Posted by ChUIMonster on 28-Dec-2006 08:24

So I went to sign up for Exchange 2007...

The "are you a member of a PUG?" drop-down seems to be defective. PEG is not listed and there is no free-form "other" option. As it happens I belong to another PUG that is listed but that PUG is, ummm, "lightly active" at best. So I was able to select a PUG and proceed -- although it was not the PUG I would normally consider my primary PUG.

It seems rather odd since PEG is, by far, the largest, most active and most significant of the PUGs and there are many geographic areas where it is impractical (to say the least) to have a viable "meat space" PUG. And there are many people who simply cannot take time away from work to participate in physical PUGs.

It seems to me that the electronic forums (PEG, PSDN, PT etc...) ought to have at least equal footing with "user groups" that exist largely on paper.

Who at Progress is the appropriate party to remedy this error?

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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 28-Dec-2006 08:31

I used PEG as my "PUG" last year, but that was when they had a fill-in-the-blank for the form.

Too bad it's not there now.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 02-Jan-2007 11:02

It's a new year! Perhaps now that everyone is back to work we'll get an answer...

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