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Posted by ksv on 18-Jan-2007 07:19

I admit I probably misread the documentation but nevertheless I've got the following problem. I enabled auditing for my db, configured & activated the policy and hoped to see something in _aud-audit-data table. But I see nothing it's just empty. Although in my policy I've got a table-level audit setting for a table and I just deleted, created & updated records in the table from my application but nevertheless nothing happened.

What've i done wrong?

How to get the audit data in _aud-audit-data table?

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Posted by ksv on 18-Jan-2007 08:11

It seems I managed to solve the problem. Instead of my own policy I imported the standard set of policies from PSC, made my settings in the Application policy and saw all needed data in the _aud-audit-data table.

But the Application policy works properly only if the PSC-App-Tables policy is active otherwise it doesn't work, why?

Posted by ksv on 18-Jan-2007 10:19

To close this issue I've found out a piece of the documentation which describes things I need but it sounds unclear after adding a table-level auditing you can find the following text:

You must now add the audit events to the policy.

Click the Audit Events tab.

Right-click the Scheduled Audit Events browse. A shortcut menu appears.

I coudn't find 'Scheduled Audit Events' browse, probably they mean 'Selected Audit Events'.


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