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Posted by Admin on 06-Feb-2007 06:54

Im fairly new to progress, at my company we are running v9.1d and i was wondering if there was anything out there that created db summaries (similar to summaries in MsSql) I just didnt like not being about to see all the relationships with the tables. I know there's a lot of progress stuff out there and i didn't know if this existed or not. Thanks for the help in advance.


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Posted by Admin on 06-Feb-2007 08:50

There are plenty of ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) tools out there that work with Progress. Fewer with V9, more with OE10. Embarcadero's DBArtisan works for us as a multi-platform tool with other brands of databases.

If you have the OE Architect or I believe what Progress called ProVision Plus, development environments, you do get all the tools you need to work with the database. There are many more improvements in OE10.

Posted by Admin on 06-Feb-2007 08:56

Hmm i might have to mess around and check that out, that was one of my biggest problems with progress. I did MsSql and some mySql before and was so use to that now i got nothing. haha thanks

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 06-Feb-2007 11:04

You might want to check out HTMLDict ( http://oehive.org/project/htmldict ) for a convenient way to browse the dictionary.

One limitation you will encounter is that the Progress dictionary contains no information on joins. If you use Enterprise Architect, there is a tool on PSDN which will allow you to read in a .df file to create all the tables and it has a step which will attempt to discover table relationships through field name matches, but that only works as well as it fits the schema. Some people design schemas with a naming convention which breaks this and it is rare that every relationship will be discovered or that every discovered relationship will be valid. But, it is an automated start and you can modify it as you figure out what should be there.

Posted by Admin on 06-Feb-2007 12:45

Thanks for the help

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 06-Feb-2007 13:38

And thanks for the points ... I finally made it past Apprentice!

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 06-Feb-2007 14:36

I finally made it past Apprentice!

Enthusiast in the house!

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