OpenEdge 10b Webclient does not run on Vista

Posted by Admin on 07-Feb-2007 11:18

Our company use OpenEdge to develop our in-house application. Our clients are running on WinXP/win2k , accessing the application using Webclient 10b.

We have tested and confirm that the application doest not even able to be installed on Windows Vista. We suspect is the UAC built-in function does not allow the application we packaged to install. However, we did not turn off the UAC to try because if that is the reason, Progress/InstallShield is the one suppose to comply with the UAC.

Anybody try that on Vista too ? Has Progress release latest Webclient to solve this problem ?

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Posted by Admin on 07-Feb-2007 14:16

Try also looking at the differences with IE7.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 07-Feb-2007 15:08

Checked the supported products matrix?

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