How to use ImageMagick integrated with progress??

Posted by Admin on 13-Feb-2007 22:50

I want to use ImageMagick in progress.I did search for this but could not find.Is it possible to use ImageMagick in progress?? If any idea please share with me!!

With regards

Prakash Rai

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Posted by Alon Blich on 14-Feb-2007 01:28

Maybe this -

Try posting your question in there.

Posted by svi on 14-Feb-2007 09:07


What do you need to do with it? What is your Progress version?

A few ideas:

- If it has an API (DLLs, etc.), or supports COM check our product documentation 'Programming Interfaces Manual' (OpenEdge 10), or the 'External Programming Interfaces' (Progress V9 and before).

- If ImageMagick has a CLI you can use OS-COMMAND from Progress.

- You could use sockets or even web services, depending on ImageMagick.



Posted by Admin on 21-Feb-2007 03:38

ThanK U for your reply.

I tried OS-COMMAND on progress and it works.

With Regards

Prakash Rai

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