Progress Time Wrong although Unix clock OK (DST)

Posted by Admin on 11-Mar-2007 14:05

Please help. On 2 of my sites after DST began this morning, the Progress time function returns the pre-DST time even though the Unix clock is right. OS is SCO 5.0.7 and Progress is 9.1d08. TZ=EST5EDT.

Any ideas? It's fine at other sites....

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Posted by jtownsen on 13-Mar-2007 09:48

If you haven't had any success yet, perhaps you could try the following. Failing that, definitely talk to Tech Support.


#! /bin/sh

# @(#) TIMEZONE 69.1 98/02/16


# Copyright (C) 1988-1998 The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.

# All Rights Reserved.

# The information in this file is provided for the exclusive use of

# the licensees of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. Such users have the

# right to use, modify, and incorporate this code into other products

# for purposes authorized by the license agreement provided they include

# this notice and the associated copyright notice with any such product.

# The information in this file is provided "AS IS" without warranty.


#ident "@(#)adm:TIMEZONE 1.2"

# Set timezone environment to default for this machine



export TZ

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