prodat set in 3 tier architecture

Posted by Admin on 21-Mar-2007 03:12

hello ,

my dataset is defined on clint side , i m passing it to server side with

by-reference , at server side i m tring to save data to database but there is problem,

how use FOR EACH statment if we have handle of TEMP-Table.

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 21-Mar-2007 04:43

Grab the Temp-table's buffer using the DEFAULT-BUFFER-HANDLE syntax, then create a dynamic query against that buffer..

Posted by jtownsen on 21-Mar-2007 10:08

...or you could have the server side received the dataset into a static structure. There's nothing about BY-REFERENCE which means it must be dynamic.

Incidentally, passing a parameter BY-REFERENCE will still pass the whole dataset if it's an AppServer call. This is required as the AppServer has a different memory space. That's the real reason that you want to define the parameter as a dataset and not as a handle.

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