How many?

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 22-Mar-2007 12:20

I have a few questions which I am hoping that someone at PSC will find worth answering since I think there are a number of us who would be interested in the answer.

At last year's Exchange, it was mentioned that there were 5 million people using Progress applications. So, the first question is whether or not this count is based on sites which are on active maintenance or not? If only those on active maintenance, then is there an estimate for the number not on active maintenance? I realize that this might take a bit of estimating and survey work, but I would bet there were quite a few users who are still actively using Progress applications, but the company has elected not to pay maintenance, either because they expect never to upgrade or because they think that it will be 5 years or more before an upgrade so buying new licenses is actually cheaper.

I would also be interested in the same breakdown, but on the number of sites rather than users.

I would also like to know the number of development seats.

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