Problem importing tab delimited file containing double quote

Posted by Admin on 26-Mar-2007 09:48


I am trying to import a tab delimited file where the description field sometimes contains double quotes. For instance, to indicate inches, a description might read __3/8" hose__. I am using an import delimiter "~011" statement to funnel each record (distinguished by carriage return) into a temp table.

However, when the program hits one of these double quotes, it assumes that is a field begin, and goes until it hits another double quote. It ignores tabs contained within this block of text. I then get the error "IMPORT data field wider than 65534 characters. (4138) ** Invalid character in numeric input E. (76)".

I have tried importing the text without delimiters into a straight character field and using a repeat-substring(data) type statement to replace the " with a ~", but this hasn't worked. I've also tried using the REPLACE statement below with no luck.


Help! I'm out of ideas.

Thanks for your time,

Muriel Taft

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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 26-Mar-2007 10:00

How about using ENTRY() to pull the fields out of the string?

Alternatively, "~"s can be hard to use properly because of how ABL interprets them.

Instead, I'd use

REPLACE(v-data, CHR(34), CHR(34) + CHR(34))

Posted by Admin on 26-Mar-2007 10:47

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the reply. I tried using the replace statement you suggested, and it didn't appear to make any difference in the results. What am I missing?

Line from input file looks like this:

TDA R458551 HYDRAULIC HOSE " 1 14.52 15.25 18.2 19.41

Here's my code:

input from /work/mtaft/ no-echo.


import delimiter "~r" v-data.

message "1" v-data.

REPLACE(v-data, CHR(34), CHR(34) + CHR(34)).

message "2" v-data.


Resulting display:

1 TDA R458551 HYDRAULIC HOSE " 1 14.52 15.25 18.2 19.41

2 TDA R458551 HYDRAULIC HOSE " 1 14.52 15.25 18.2 19.41

Posted by Admin on 26-Mar-2007 11:43

I see what this is doing, it's replacing one double-quote with two double-quotes. This doesn't solve my problem though because if the double-quote is at the end of the description, an export statement adds a tab between the description and the double quotes. I'm think I'm going to have to find a UNIX scripting solution to strip out the double quotes.

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 26-Mar-2007 12:14

In order for REPLACE to work, you need to assign it's return value - like so:

v-data = REPLACE(v-data, CHR(34), CHR(34) + CHR(34)).

although once that was done, there's still the question of what your extract code would do with the resulting string.

Posted by Admin on 26-Mar-2007 13:15

Thanks Tim. This did answer my original question about how to use REPLACE effectively.

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