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Posted by Admin on 21-Mar-2007 07:32

Hi All,

I have created a Proxy out of one .p file, which is nothing but a simple find first for one company number.

I created a Proxy using ProxyGen tool.

Now I created a new .NET windows Application and Added progress.open4gl dll and my Proxy into the reference and using it too in code.

When I run the small code, it connects to the AppSever using stmnt AppServer://ServerName:PortNumber/servicename,

but when it comes to my object and make a call to its internal function, it gives an error FileName.p not found.

code is like this

using Progress.Open4GL.Proxy;

2 other Progress Dll

using MyProxy;

Connection m_conn;

MyProxy mprox;

m_conn = new Connection("AppServer://ServerName:PortNumber/servicename",


m_prox = new MyInfo(m_conn);

m_prox.MyFunction(20, out compStr);

Code dies on the last line above saying MyFileName.p not found. MyFileName.p is part of MyProxy when I create MyProxy using ProxyGen.

Is any one there can help me on this, why it is saying MyFileName.p not found.

Thanks in Advance.

Pankaj Chanana.

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Posted by jtownsen on 21-Mar-2007 10:03

Can you tell us where the error message appears? Is there anything interesting in the AppServer log files? At a guess, I'd say the file is not in the propath of the AppServer.

Posted by Admin on 22-Mar-2007 02:03


Error occur on the Client Side where I wrote .NET code, as shown.

But the File is in our Environment where code is residing. It is on both Client and Server.

I tried adding .r to main pl file too. But it never picked that up.

Everything else thru my progress application. But as soon as I try to refer to Proxy it says File Not Found.

There is no logging on AppServer Log.

Also, I am not very sure whether I created a Proxy correctly or not.

I just simply created it with proxyGen Tool from Windows Environment. Where I also complied the .p file from the location where every other file is compiling.

Then I moved that .p file to code/server folder under Windows as well as Unix Box.

And Added the .r to .pl.

Please help me. I am kind of stucked in using .NET with Progress and having the security of AppServer.


Posted by Admin on 22-Mar-2007 02:50

Be sure to specify the PROPATH correctly in the proxygen tool. This way you get a relative reference in the generated code. Your AppServer should be able to reach the .p with the same relative path.

When you copy the file to the AppServer, check the AppServer startup parameter (-q I believe) & PROPATH: if that's not setup properly, the new .p won't be picked up by the AppServer.

note: you don't need that .p/.r anymore on your client when you're using the proxy in .Net: the .Net code will only use the generated .Net assembly.

Posted by Admin on 22-Mar-2007 07:24

Thanks Albers,

Yes I did the same but now I have the file in the correct path but at runtime it is still giving the error by providing the full path and .p file.

For example I have my .p in server/custom.test.p

and it is giving the same error that "server/custom/test.p file not found.

Still No Good.

Pankaj Chanana.

Posted by Admin on 28-Mar-2007 06:40

Hi All,

Thanks for your valuable responses.

My problem did get solved, My was not getting updated though I did the full compile, but now it has got updated and the error is gone. AppServer got locked and everytime i tried updating the .pl though it gave message "successfully done", but it was not. So i removed the lock by killing all the processes and then did a full compile. And things worked properly.

Just wanted to share the above response.

Thanks and regards,

Pankaj Chanana.

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