looking for some type of date picker/calander

Posted by Admin on 26-Apr-2007 12:03

I was wondering if there is anything out there already written. Im looking for something that a button is beside some sort of input field. Once you click the button it opens like a calander and you pick the date and it returns the date you picked to the input field.

Does anyone know where i can find something like this?

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Posted by Admin on 26-Apr-2007 13:02

Have you tried using a DateTime picker ActiveX (ocx)? Windows common controls has one (http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms672136.aspx).

When you want to use something like this, you should wrap the OCX-control in a persistent procedure. You should attach it to your screen at runtime (dynamically). The advantage is that your OCX is totally encapsulated, so when you want to replace it, you only have to touch one procedure.

The traditional way is picking the OCX in the toolbox of the AppBuilder, drop it on a frame and implement events. This means that every frame will have the reference to the actual OCX, so when a new version comes out, you will have to fix all frames...

Posted by Admin on 26-Apr-2007 13:13

I haven't done any ocx work yet in progress, do you know of somehow a site or something that explains how i would use that ocx?

Posted by Admin on 26-Apr-2007 15:08

Use this PDF-file http://www.psdn.com/library/entry.jspa?externalID=1974&categoryID=467 "10.1B Programming Interfaces manual". Use topic "ActiveX Control Support". There are some samples in you openedge installation directory. I'm assuming you're developing on Windows....

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