ON F12 in CHUI - not working

Posted by Admin on 06-May-2007 21:01

I used this code that looks something like below in GUI and CHUI.

But I have a bit confusing when it was working properly in GUI but it was not working in CHUI. Please an assistance for this.

ON F12 of b-tran in frame main-f do:

if lSellByExt then do:

run oesellext.p persistent (as-c-win, this-procedure).

/* returns output in return-oesellext */


apply entry to self.

return no-apply .




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Posted by Admin on 07-May-2007 01:46

Are you running this on unix/linux? If so, it's probably related to your key-mapping (protermcap). You can test this by using a different (function) key...

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