Running a seperate published app.

Posted by Admin on 04-May-2007 09:20

We designed this little dev tool for us to use to lunch various environments for our published apps. The way we are doing it now is a little choppy. and i was wondering how would i set a button to on choose lunch a published app and pass through all the same environment variables.

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 04-May-2007 11:06

If you run OpenEdge Architect, this functionality is standard.

Posted by Admin on 04-May-2007 11:26

nope have v9.1d Maybe the company might upgrade someday haha

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 04-May-2007 11:47

Well, there really isn't much excuse for not being on 9.1E at least ... not that that helps this issue.

And, what actually is the barrier to upgrade?

Posted by Admin on 05-May-2007 03:11

The "OS-COMMAND" inherits all the settings from the parent process. You can define an "ini"-file per published application and start "prowin32.exe" with the proper INI-file and parameter file. You can even generate these files to a TEMP-DIR on the fly, just before you OS-COMMAND.

You can also use the raw Windows API when you're on the Windows platform, see

Posted by Admin on 08-May-2007 06:45

Well the reason we are still in v9.1d is we are currently waiting for approval to migrate our current system to .net 2.0 + framework. We are talking about doing away with most of our progress Licenses But who knows we have been pulling for this for a good bit now. And it's getting closer and closer.

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