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Posted by Admin on 25-May-2007 16:44

I am running a large interface module which is processing 300,000+ records. I am trying to multi-stream the module with 10 streams but I seem to hit an error with the connection. I can run for 200,000 or less.

Is there a limitation on the appserver ?

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Diane Crawford

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Posted by Alon Blich on 26-May-2007 09:23

Hi Diane,

Not really sure if I understand what you've done or trying to do ?

You need to pass 300,000 plus records to the User Interface ?

You've tried using 10 async requests in a state-free mode ?

But got as you said "error with the connection" ? or was it hitting ~200,000 records ?

Maybe start by telling us more about the application you're writing.

Posted by Admin on 26-May-2007 12:31

You can configure the # of severs to start initially, the minimum # server to keep alive and the max # of servers. A "server" is an AppServer agent servicing a remote request. Use the Progress Explorer to configure and check these parameters. I think the default setting is max. 10.

Posted by Admin on 26-May-2007 12:35

I recalled well, since the knowledge base entry P54528 states:




A maximum of 10 servers are spawned for each AppServer Broker, even though the license allows for 20.


maxSrvrInstance for each AppServer Broker is set to 10 by default.


Increase maxSrvrInstance for the AppServer Broker (either via file or Progress Explorer) up to the licensed number of servers to allow more servers to be spawned.



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