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Posted by Admin on 16-May-2007 06:32

So I'm currently in the middle of learning SonicMQ and I have pretty good results.

Now I am beginning to use mulitpartMessages. But I have a problem consuming the messages using getMessagePartById.

My code looks like this:

RUN createTempTableMessage IN xghSonicSession (OUTPUT hPublishedTempTable).

RUN setTempTable IN hPublishedTempTable (hTempTable, ?, TRUE).

RUN addMessagePart IN hMultipartMessage(hPublishedTempTable, "myMessageID").

RUN PUBLISH IN xghSonicSession ("mySubscription", hMultipartMessage, ?, ?, ?).

on the other side I do:

DYNAMIC-FUNCTION("getMessagePartByID" IN iphMessage, "myMessageID", OUTPUT hMessagePart).

but I get

Could not find message part with content-id of myContentID.


DYNAMIC-FUNCTION("getMessagePartByIndex" IN iphMessage, 1, OUTPUT hMessagePart).

works perfect but I need the byID-function...

so any suggestions?



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Posted by Admin on 06-Jun-2007 07:18

OK, looks like I found an unknown bug - now referenced under OE00152157.

Is Sonic really used that seldom?


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