Disconnect a user from remote machine

Posted by relgert on 13-Jun-2007 17:03

In our application due to network failures, we often get message that table is in use by user 123... I can test for that but when I try to run discnnect user 123 I get a message saying I cannot run this from a remote machine. code is:

OS-COMMAND R:\dlc\bin\proshut.bat f:\syteline.db\tct -C DISCONNECT 123.

any help ??? on how to do this

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Posted by Admin on 14-Jun-2007 12:31


This command you must run on db's machine. This run local form.

But if you want to run of remote form you must add the parameters -N -H -S.

Good Luck.

Posted by relgert on 18-Jun-2007 06:24

I am new to progress 6 months.. how do I use -N -H -S

Posted by kevin_saunders on 18-Jun-2007 08:44

Change the code..

-N defaults to TCP so that can be ignored.

-H is for host name of the DB server.

-S is for Service name or port number that the DB broker is listening on.

So, something like:

OS-COMMAND R:\dlc\bin\proshut.bat f:\syteline.db\tct -H -C DISCONNECT 123.

Beware the DOS batch limit of 9 tokens on the command line (if you hit it, you will get messages from Progress about not supplying values for some parameter). If this happens, look into using a parameter file (.pf).

Posted by relgert on 18-Jun-2007 12:17

well i tried that ... same error cannot run disconnect from a remote machine

Posted by Admin on 18-Jun-2007 17:48

One question?

Do you have install PROGRESS on the machine that you want to run the command proshut?

If you answer is yes, meabe you have a problems with permissions to run this command.

Good Luck.

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