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Posted by Admin on 18-Apr-2007 16:26


How can I find the Progress version running in 4GL-code? I am interested in figuring out if I run 64 bit or not.

I am running 10.0B for 32-bit and 10.1A for 64, so getting the version in code would do the trick - but how?

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 18-Apr-2007 17:19

Look up the PROVERSION function.

Posted by Admin on 24-Apr-2007 14:09


Posted by BarneyNorris on 10-Jul-2007 11:29

Similarly, is it possible to get the version including the patch level without having to parse the $DLC\version file?

Posted by BarneyNorris on 11-Jul-2007 03:46

I've just found a couple of suggestions on PEG.

I'm not sure that the first suggestion will be preferable to parsing the version file.

The second suggests using Get-key-value on



The patch level looks to stored as a value called "Level"

This is more promising BUT looking at my registry, it seems it will be necessary to determine first whether WebClient is being used. If so, it will be necessary to examine the contents of


The patch level looks to be stored as a value called "PathLevel", not in its own key. This inconsistency is a minor annoyance.

To be honest, I think I'm going to read in the $DLC$\version file unformatted, treat it as space delimited and do a test for

LOOKUP(cRequiredVersion, cVersionFile, ' ') NE 0.

Anyone have any better ideas?

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