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Posted by relgert on 10-Jul-2007 08:27

We are running Progress 9.1C18, and want to upgrade our server. Can someone point me to where I can get configuration recommendations and such

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 10-Jul-2007 10:58

The first recommendation is to upgrade to a more modern version of Progress.

You aren't going to find a fixed checklist, but if you tell us about your requirements, I am sure that several people will pipe up with their recommendations.

Posted by relgert on 10-Jul-2007 11:58

Well upgrading to a newer version is out of the question. We would have to upgrade our ERP program (Syteline) and that is not an option. (We are shopping for a new package).

Need new server for better performance, db size is about 10 GBytes, 200 users

I am new to Progress (6 months) and need someinput on server configuration

Posted by adaltas on 10-Jul-2007 17:24

Is the material here helpful?!default.jspa?categoryID=1165&externalID=3233&fromSearchPage=true

Posted by Alon Blich on 10-Jul-2007 18:10

Just saying but you could upgrade to the latest version 9, version 9.1E and without having to recompile ... 99.9% you could just upgrade and go.

Of course someone (your vendor) won't like that and it'll probably violate your warranty. Just saying, not something I'd do.

I'd say get a consultant to have a look around ... so you wouldn't have to make any wrong and very expensive decisions.

Changing your hardware might not even make a difference or a substantial difference depending on the problem.

Hardware, database structure, badly designed code are a huge wildcard, what's the last time you've done a dump and load ? etc.

One such guru that comes to mind

Any specific performance issues you're having ? just to get the conversation started.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 12-Jul-2007 06:32

Thanks Alon!

I agree. You should be able to easily go to 9.1E and it is well worth doing. There are major improvements in 4gl and database performance between 9.1C and 9.1E.

In addition there are almost certainly significant opportunities to improve performance by redesigning the storage areas and perhaps dumping and loading.

Historically Syteline has been very rigid about specific releases of Progress being "required". They are now part of the Infor family and it's possible that they've become more sensible about the topic. OTOH if you're planning to change products you may have already dropped support so that it doesn't really matter.

On the hardware front... just about any new box is going to be a big improvement over one that was bought in the days when 9.1C was current. One thing to watch out for is that if you are running a Workgroup database you must avoid SMP and multi-core servers. WG and SMP do not mix in v9. The issue isn't fixed until 10.1B. If you are running an Enterprise db it doesn't matter -- SMP & multi-core are wonderful.

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