Posted by gfriberg on 22-Aug-2007 02:48

Is it possible to use SSL against the progress appserver using Crystal report from OpenEdge application accessing the Progress Appserver

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Posted by cstiller on 03-Sep-2007 07:25

It is possible to use SSL when calling the AppServer from and OpenEdge application.

How to do this depends on whether you are deploying withing a LAN or over the internet (so basically what ports are open). If it is on a LAN, you can enable SSL on the AppServer and change the connection parameters on the client.

See this presentation for details (around slide 18):!default.jspa?categoryID=1378&externalID=3264&fromSearchPage=true

If you are deploying outside your firewall, you might have to install the AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA) on the server, which will tunnel the AppServer request through either HTTP or HTTPS.

Check out this paper:!default.jspa?categoryID=1292&externalID=258&fromSearchPage=true

It is a bit dated, but still applies. Note in particular the paragraphs about performance overhead when using HTTPS.

Very helpful info on setting up the AIA (with Tomcat) can be found here:

If AIA is up and running, you then change the connection string to use the URL to the AIA. More details are in the Programming Progress 4GL Client Applications book.

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