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Posted by Admin on 02-Nov-2006 13:28


I am new to using the Profiler tools. My Progress CHUI application and source code is on a Unix server. I can create my prof.out file ok with the profiler. I transfer the file to my PC and load it into the GUI Progress Profiling Viewer. Everything looks great, except the Listing File browser does not show anything. How do I get the listing file browser to display the code when my application is on a different server?


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Posted by ggoeldner on 21-Oct-2007 08:34

Hi Craig,

I hope you haven't been waiting all this time - but for the benefit of others.

After you have debugged the code so it will run under Unix,

I have found that you need to check the "listing" option before running it, and then also copy the dbg_* files to your window directory. You then need to hand edit the prof.out file so the paths are right before you try to load them.

Depending on where you are, you may have problems parsing the date in the prof.out file but you can edit this also.

Once this is done it seems to work ok.



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