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Posted by Admin on 18-Oct-2007 07:40

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 18-Oct-2007 10:50

You won't be able to do it with pure ABL, but you can write yourself a little script using PROUTIL db-name -C HOLDER to get the status.

Posted by Admin on 18-Oct-2007 22:57

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 18-Oct-2007 23:40

I haven't worked with Webspeed, so I don't knew the command, but one suspects there is some similar command for checking on status. If. so, it is simply a question of a brief script.

Posted by kevin_saunders on 19-Oct-2007 02:37

Look at the wtbman script for WebSpeed brokers..

Posted by Admin on 19-Oct-2007 04:20

Posted by kevin_saunders on 22-Oct-2007 02:37

Not that I know of, but rolling your own is not difficult.. You can use ABL Sockets to attempt to connect to the instance of IIS and do your won error handling, or you could use cURL and parse the output.. Or just Google for a script that can check the IIS service status in Windows.

Posted by Alon Blich on 22-Oct-2007 03:04

I've got a 4GL HTTP library you could use (that I plan on posting together with a bunch of other libraries soon).

You could use it to run a ping procedure running on WebSpeed to make sure everything is running (including non-Progress components like the web server) and all databases are connected.

Maybe start by telling us more on what it is you're trying to achieve ?

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