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Posted by Admin on 30-Oct-2007 05:46

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 31-Oct-2007 04:34

IMO, a better solution is to set up the Fax as a printer and send the output direct to that..

Posted by Admin on 01-Nov-2007 06:39

Hi Kevin,

Actually my system is connected with a server in local intranet and I want to send fax through my server to the fax machine which is located in outside world.

For this , is there any API in progress.


Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 01-Nov-2007 11:29

The point is that you don't need an API in Progress. There is a bunch of software out there which will create a "printer" that you print to like any other printer, but it then sends out a fax. This requires a modem connection to the telephone system. With such software, the Progress setup is trivial.

Posted by Admin on 02-Nov-2007 00:47

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for giving response. I will try for this.


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