PCT Compilation Error

Posted by Admin on 26-Jan-2008 06:03

Deleting directory /home/thanhhm/build

Deleting directory /home/thanhhm/package

Created dir: /home/thanhhm/build

Created dir: /home/thanhhm/package

PCTCompile - Progress Code Compiler

** "pct/pctCompile.p" was not found. (293)

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Posted by Matt Baker on 26-Jan-2008 10:35


The error message you are receiving is probably because your PROPATH is not setup properly. Check to make sure the directory that contains the pct code is referenced in you PROPATH.


If pctCompile.p is at /home/thanhhm/src/pct/pctCompile.p, then make sure that /home/thanhhm/src is referenced in your PROPATH

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 26-Jan-2008 10:51

You could start by posting to one forum and watching your language.

Posted by Admin on 26-Jan-2008 23:47

Thanks Matt. For more detail on how I have placed code and build, please see the followings

/home/thanhhm/src/helloworld.p: is where I've placed my helloworld.p

/home/thanhhm/src/antscripts/build/build.xml: is where I've placed my build.xml

Under Linux box I' ve done the followings

cd /home/thanhhm/src/antscripts/build

ant -f build.xml

The following is my build.xml's content


Note that: I've executed "PCTRun" successfully meaning you are not worried about the connection to my progress Database.

I've wanted to compile my helloworld.p, no pctCompile.p is in my code and I've searched for pctCompile.p on the internet as I think I may lack the file from my pct build box but no relevant data found unfortunately.

When I play with PCTCompile task, this error keep happening.

I don't really know why.

Pleaes please help me get it sorted out.

Many thanks

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Posted by Matt Baker on 28-Jan-2008 07:40


As Thomas mentioned earlier, I ask that you please curb your swearing. These forums prefer polite language.

You need to find and make sure the pctcompile file exists in your PROPATH. Depending on your deployment you may have pctcompile.r (which is compiled version) or the files may be inside a .pl file.

The home website for pct is http://pct.sourceforge.net. The product is open source so you can d/l a copy from there. I suggest you contact the author Guilles Querret through his website if you need help with PCT. He would be the one most likely to be able to help you.

Posted by adaltas on 28-Jan-2008 07:55

thank you for your feedback; swearing has been edited. And thank you for your assistance.

Posted by Admin on 28-Jan-2008 15:24

Thanks Matt and Arthur for your assistances. Well, the error keeps happening that blows my top a bit, I am really sorry, I'll stop swearing.

Posted by Admin on 28-Jan-2008 23:15

The error now has been fixed. To fix it, the followings should be noticed.

PCT v0.8:

Note for previous versions users : PCT uses .r files for its internal use : these files had previously to be copied to your $DLC directory. This is no longer the case as of 0.10 : r-code is wrapped in PL, extracted on the fly from PCT.jar when running a PCT tasks. PCT.jar contains both the v9 and v10 r-code versions.

2 options stick with the version of PCT you have and extract the .r's from the jar file and copy to $DLC or download the latest version.

Thanks for your all assistances.

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