export text reports

Posted by vikaetta on 05-Feb-2008 00:45

hie :

how do l export text reports to another system not built by progress

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Posted by Admin on 05-Feb-2008 00:56

What output format are you looking at? Plain text, xml or some comma or tab delimited list?

Posted by vikaetta on 05-Feb-2008 02:35

l want to export it as plain text

Posted by ChUIMonster on 05-Feb-2008 17:05

output to "somefile.dat".

for each customer no-lock:

export customer.


output close.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 05-Feb-2008 17:16

Or, put unformatted skip if you want complete control over the line layout.

A lot depends on what the other application is looking for. E.g., if the other application talks SQL, no need to even export it.

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