Error (4406) Connecting to AppServer - client is not licence

Posted by vikaetta on 11-Feb-2008 04:37

l am using a client machine and trying to connect to remote server but getting error (4406) how do l get to resolve this?

Error 4406 is: 

This client is not licensed for remote connections. (4406)

The client is not licensed to connect to a database on a remote machine.

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Posted by Admin on 11-Feb-2008 04:40

What license do you have installed? The message says that the license is not usuble for remote connections. My guess is, you have a personal DB license on the client, but you need a "client networking" license to do the remote connect.

Posted by vikaetta on 11-Feb-2008 08:57

l have installed progress client on the machine, how do l install this progress client networking

Posted by kevin_saunders on 12-Feb-2008 02:43

The Progress client may or may not include client networking (depending on the product)..

Either run the showcfg shortcut, or open the progress.cfg and make sure that 'Client Networking' is an installed product.

Posted by vikaetta on 12-Feb-2008 06:19

Posted by Admin on 12-Feb-2008 06:36

In your Progress or OpenEdge Program group in the explorer start menu, there should be a "Config" link. That will display the product names you have installed.

Posted by vikaetta on 13-Feb-2008 00:32

l have checked and the product name is client connect.

Posted by vikaetta on 13-Feb-2008 08:43

l always appreciate your help

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 13-Feb-2008 11:21

Client connect is not a Progress product name.

Posted by jtownsen on 14-Feb-2008 04:38

I believe it may have been at one stage. Can you tell us what version you're running?

Posted by vikaetta on 14-Feb-2008 04:40

am using version 9.1e

Posted by jtownsen on 15-Feb-2008 03:31

According to the KBase solution P15159, Client Connect should include a client networking license. As such, you should be able to connect to a remote database.

I suggest you open a call with Tech Support. I'd t tell them about this PSDN thread too.

Posted by vikaetta on 15-Feb-2008 03:36

l later uninstalled Progress from the client and reinstalled using the same key codes (client connect) lpreviously used and l managed to connect to the appserver.

Posted by Admin on 15-Feb-2008 03:42

I bet TS would have recommended the same.

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