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Posted by sridevi.stalin on 20-Feb-2008 22:10

Are there any openings in Progress for new project?

I'm hearing that after coming of java and .net, the peoples are not developing any application in progress only maintaining things are going on. And they are migrating progress application into another language.

Is it true?

Here, also no new project openings for progress developer.

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Posted by ChUIMonster on 21-Feb-2008 08:41

No, it's not true.

Progress is obviously not Microsoft and it is clear that there is also a bigger market for Java than there is for Progress. But that's a misleading comparison.

Progress is a vibrant and healthy development tool with a bright future and there are lots of jobs available. From a developers point of view it is, in many ways, better to be a Progress developer -- there is much less competition and, if you're good, that means that you can more easily command a premium. Of course 98% of people think that they are better than average (The best cure for that problem is to hang around with smart people. You're making a good start by being here. PEG would be even better.)

Posted by bbe on 21-Feb-2008 09:56

not sure PEG would be better but it is for sure another good resource

Many years ago, Progress was both the name of the company and the product.

What used to be Progress (with v9 as the last version) is now branded/packaged as OpenEdge with OpenEdge 10.1B as the latest/greatest (and 10.1C to come really soon). Previous versions of Progress however will run in OpenEdge 10 without change AND has many, many new capabilities.

Yes, there's plenty of host based character or older looking windows applications written out there but within OpenEdge 10 there's open clients allowing any user interface written in Java or .NET (and Web Services) using the ABL, there's OO capbilities, there's adapters like for Sonic ESB, etc, etc. Oh, and let's not forget the major release coming soon which has a brand new (.NET) UI but that can be written in the ABL.

Why rebranding/repackaging? Progress, the company, became a multi-product company with different (integrated) products for different markets/solutions so Progress now also delivers products like Sonic ESB, Actional, DataXtend, Apama, DataDirect, etc. to mention a few in addition to OpenEdge. There's more work then skilled people in the market, especially on the newer products/versions.

The PSDN online crew decided not to put a career/job area but the peg has one and there might be some more out there. So, in short, there's plenty of work for developers on any of the Progress Products...

Posted by sridevi.stalin on 21-Feb-2008 23:17

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your kind reply.

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