Auto-install ABL/4GL procedure trigger w/o Data Dictionary

Posted by Admin on 20-Mar-2008 15:47

I have another question regarding progress procedure triggers. Is there any way to register a procedure trigger with the openEdge database (10.1a), without going through using the Data Dictionary?

I need to install several triggers on several separate databases and it would be nice if there was a way to just copy the procedures to a directory somehow register them as opposed to editing saving each one individually in the data dictionary. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

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Posted by Matt Baker on 21-Mar-2008 08:16

Hi Tom,

The data administration tools gives an option to generate a complete schema delta file (.df file) or for just a selected set of tables. You can do it programmatically in the ABL, but I would seriously not recommend it since you might miss something critical.

The data dictionary has an option to generate a schema delta file that you can apply to multiple databases. The tool will accept two database connections and generate a delta between the two. You can then apply this delta to as many databases as you like.

The idea is to make a change to a single database, generate the schema delta for the parts you changed and then apply the delta .df file to the other matching databases.

The option is Data Administration->Admin->Dump Data and Definitions->Create incremental .df file

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