Posted by Admin on 17-Apr-2008 03:00

Hello, New to forum, so unsure if this is correct place.

I have a system installed using the progress database software. I am unable to run prowin32.exe due to files being missing?

Upon execution of the program i receive several messages, depending on what im trying to do with the .db file.

opening prowin32.exe - results in _dict.p was not found

opening prowin32.exe with a database - results in _edit.p was not found

problem being is i have wrote a small program that access the Progress database, however, there is already another program writing/reading the database. Is it possible to have the database duplicated/mirrored?


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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 17-Apr-2008 11:03

It sounds like your beginning problem is not having set a PROPATH or DLC or the appropriate PATH. Is there a script for running the existing Progress program which you could emulate to get these settings?

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