Is there a way to set a submenu label with a parameter?

Posted by Admin on 22-Apr-2008 09:37

Is it possible to assign a submenu label using a parameter? I am trying to make a menu that is in our product as generic as possible so that we can give our customers custom menu options. I am trying to avoid hard-coding. Ideally, what I'd like to do is give the client a custom program that would define the program to run and a label describing the program. I'd like to pass these parameters from their custom program back to our product code and display in the submenu.

The custom code is:

define output parameter custfm-pgm1 as char.

define output parameter custfm-pgm1-label as char.

assign custfm-pgm1 = "w-bbillfm.w"

custfm-pgm1-label = "Branch Billing File Maintenance".

Then back in the product, the menu is defined as:


menu-item m_custfm-pgm1 label m_custfm-pgm1-label.

This define statement does not work unless I contain the label in quotes. I would like the have the value of the label to be the parameter value. Is this possible?

Please let me know if you need any clarification. Thanks!

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Posted by jtownsen on 22-Apr-2008 11:14

You can certainly do it if you create the menu dynamically. Take a look in the documentation for CREATE SUB-MENU.

Posted by infotech on 23-Apr-2008 03:24


menu-item m_custfm-pgm1 label "".


SUB-MENU m_Custom.

menu-item m_custfm-pgm1:label in MENU m_Custom = m_custfm-pgm1-label.

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