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Posted by Admin on 14-May-2008 08:40

Hi I am new to Progress and I am using Data Admnistrator to export an 800 MB Progress 9.1D database to Access, however I can see that Data Administrator dumps only 437 MB to the WRK directory and then it loads that data into the Access DB. I just do not understand why it does not export the whole DB because the Access DB limits are not reached with an 437 MB or with a 800 MB database. So my guess is that it must be any parameter that I can tune in Progress. I will appreciate any links, posts, articles regarding this.


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Posted by Matt Baker on 14-May-2008 09:04


The export size of a database does not necessarily mean that you didn't get all of your data. Included in the database files are things like indexes, header information, check sums, offsets and lots of other things beyond just the data.

When you export a .d file it is just the raw data with minimal formatting. If you're concerned that not everything was exported look for .e files in your export directory. The data administration tool will generate a .e file if it encountered an error exporting the data.

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