OpenEdge Application Server Basic Edition

Posted by ksv on 27-Jun-2008 07:48

Could you tell me what this product does and what the difference between it and OpenEdge Application Server Enterprise Edition?

The main points are:

are there any limitations on the number of agents?

are there any limitations on WebSpeed servers?

Thanks in advance

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Posted by rstanciu on 27-Jun-2008 08:25

see kbase ID: P98258

OpenEdge Application Server Basic Edition

1. Limited to 1 AppServer Broker (2 AppServer processes)

2. Limited to 1 WebSpeed broker (2 WebSpeed agents), which can be used for HTTPS connections through their Web Server for WebSpeed applications.

3. Does not include the Adapter for SonicESB

4. Does not include the Web Services Adapter

5. Does not include Secure AppServer (HTTPS) for AppServer applications -à this is true for 10.0A and 10.0B. In 10.1A, the Application Server Basic will include AIA/S

6. Cannot use Name Server Load Balancer

Posted by ksv on 27-Jun-2008 08:51

Thank you very much for your answer.

For me it looks quite limited and useless with only 2 agents per broker and only one broker :(

Posted by jtownsen on 27-Jun-2008 14:27

That depends entirely on how your application is architected and how many concurrent users there are. I have seen application with more than 150 concurrent users with at most 4 concurrent agents. YVVM.

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