Moving V9 code using SmartPak to OE10

Posted by Admin on 05-Aug-2008 11:32

I'm getting a lot of nested block errors, and errors about unknown values on attributes, as well as being unable to change attributes after widget is realized.

I was able to get rid of some of them by changing propaths to put smartpak folder in different order when compiling vs running. I'm still having runtime errors about widget realization on the toolbar buttons - and I have a choose that I can't even open the container with smartpak in propath . Has to do with adecomm\_s-alert.p apparently. I think I need to download acecomm from v9 from somewhere.

Has anyone done any of this?

I accidentally originally posted this to EasyAsk form - no idea how, but if this looks familiar and you've read EasyAsk threads, that's why.


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