Output text file to produce a crystal report.

Posted by Admin on 12-Aug-2008 09:03

Hello everyone,

I have written a small program which outputs a .txt file displaying the product code (prod_code) and the date the product was available (prod_date_available). This is so I can produce a simple crystal report displaying the outputted data.

I just wondered why the second part of the data within the text field does not have quotation marks like the first bit does. It display as


When I think it should be displayed as:


I was also wondering how I could filter down the text file, as I do not want it to display products beginning with MISC and SQ. I am still pretty new to progress but am currently doing online training and other things to help me learn.

Any help would be much appreciated,




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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 12-Aug-2008 11:00

The ABL export format only quotes strings ... not needed with dates and numbers.

To exclude the other products you don't want, just add one or more additional IF ... THEN NEXT statements like the one you already have.

You might also want to move the SESSION:Set-Wait-State (""). outside the loop.

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