trouble installing a psdn download???

Posted by Admin on 20-Aug-2008 00:17

Sorry i didn't have any other idea on how to title this.

but i was reading white papaers and i wanted to look at some samples. Im running oe10b and i wanted to install this exe. from!default.jspa?categoryID=299&externalID=1271&fromSearchPage=true

Well i downloaded it and tried installing it and it is saying this...


Unable to retrieve DLC value. No supported Progress version found!


any idea of what is causing this. I just installed oe10b on my local to do some local testing on things and maybe i forgot something?

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Posted by jtownsen on 20-Aug-2008 02:27

Can you tell us what version of Progress/OpenEdge you have installed?

Posted by fbe on 20-Aug-2008 03:27

The setup is missing the registry keys it was designed for in the past. These samples were created and tested with the OpenEdge 10.0A-10.1A releases. There is a workaround to get these samples installed though.

1) Using the REGEDIT tool, export the following registry key to a file on disk:


This registry key holds the DLC value for the OE version installed.

2) Open the saved file (notepad) and change the key value for OE version to '10.1A'. The line to change should then look like the following:

3) Save the changed export file.

4) Merge the registry export file (import) back into the registry.

5) Verify you have the following key available in the registry:

6) Close the REGEDIT tool.

7) Run installer again. It should now install the software on your machine.

Again, I cannot give guarantees that the samples work without problems on the newer versions op OpenEdge (10.1B, 10.1C and beyond) because these were not tested.

Posted by Admin on 20-Aug-2008 07:15

Thanks Frank. Btw love your enhancing gui white papers.

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