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Posted by Admin on 08-Sep-2008 04:56


I am new to Progress. Start a new job with a company which is using Progress intensively. I would have been trying to put OpenEdge onto my Apple Macbook. But I can't find a suitable solution. Can anyone please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted by Admin on 08-Sep-2008 05:36

I run OpenEdge on a MacBook Air. But you need to (well, shouldn't you do that anyway?) install Windows XP or Vista on it. Either using Bootcamp, VMware fusion or Parallels.

There's no native progress product for the Mac.

Posted by Admin on 08-Sep-2008 08:12

Thank you very much. I think you gave me a clear indication =>Have to go back to Windows.

Can I just ask one more question, is there any reason why progress does not have native app on Mac? Just wondering.

Thank you again.

Posted by Admin on 08-Sep-2008 08:16

Not enough people requiring that in PSCs customer base. 95+ % of all desktops used in business are Windows.

Posted by ChUIMonster on 12-Sep-2008 12:08

It is sometimes hard to believe but...

There is more to Progress than the GUI. It should be pretty darned easy for Progress to port the database, the character client, webspeed, appserver and so forth to Mac OS. Just treat it like another UNIX. That would make for a very interesting environment in itself.

Not only is there more to Progress than the GUI but it should also be noted that while 95% (or whatever) of Progress customers desktops might be Windows, far less than half of those desktops are being used to run Progress GUI applications. The majority are still running a character terminal emulation and a not insignificant number are running browser based applications -- and those browser applications are not necessarily running IE.

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