need a consistent look for a protool (ini?)

Posted by Admin on 21-Aug-2008 08:02

Ok im working on designing a protool kind of like a data dictionary on steroids. This is for some database cleanup and what not. I'm running into some problems. One being that if i create this in an app-builder session that has a database connection. I get that who mess of issue when opening it up in an app builder that is connected to any other database.

Should i design this using the default desktop with no database connection? The only issue with that is that i need to test it against a database. Also each different appbuilder that connects to different dbs has different ini files which makes each app look different.

Is there a way to include an ini file into my protool that when you run it from any app builder it will ultimately look the same?

IF anyone has any information out there for this please help me out. Thanks.

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Posted by kevin_saunders on 17-Sep-2008 08:11

No idea on the ini part of things, but the connected database issue is easily solved.

After saving and closing the file, open it in the Procedure Editor and remove the references to 'connected databases'.

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