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Posted by Admin on 19-Sep-2008 17:18

We have an Oracle application which holds some account data. We need that data to come over our QAD (Progress) DB, that data is then used to create GL transactions which in turn are summarized and sent back to Oracle. This has been working using nightly batch jobs processes that extract and transfer ascii files back and forth between Oracle and Progress. Although this seems to work, I am sure there must be a more efficient way of accomplishing the same thing. I am looking for suggestions as to what has worked for you out there.

Progress Dataserver to Connect to Oracle? ODBC from Oracle to Progress?

Is it possible to use WebServices between these two? Something else?

Any idea/suggestion is very welcome...

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 20-Sep-2008 10:59

That kind of interaction sounds like a natural for Sonic or DataExtend.

Posted by rstanciu on 21-Sep-2008 06:04

All the solutions you mentioned are possible:

1) connect DB Oracle over Progress Data Server for Oracle

2) JDBC from Progress to Oracle via OS-Command

3) JDBC from Oracle to Progress SQ92

4) JMS over SonicMQ/ESB

5) file transfer

6) WebServices exposed/invoked

In my opinion, the most simple/evolutive solution is to expose in Progress some WebServices (!! v.10+),

to expose some WebServices in Oracle Application and to build a communication level betwin both


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