any good refernce to learn progress

Posted by shafee212 on 01-Jul-2008 04:30

Hi ,

can any one sugest any good reference book . or any orther materail where in i could learn progress quickly

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 01-Jul-2008 11:11

There's always the documentation ...

Posted by svi on 01-Jul-2008 13:44

A few pointers of information and materials to get you going...

Training and eLearning

AutoEdge guided tour

AutoEdge application example

OpenEdge Product Tour


- Product Documentation (as Thomas said): Getting Started documents, ABL Handbook

- OpenEdge books in Amazon:

Other: Webinars and white papers on PSDN (e.g. OpenEdge Principles, and OERA)

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 01-Jul-2008 15:42

Posted by svi on 01-Jul-2008 19:39


Thomas has good points; don't get overwhelmed though!

Have a look at the tours (OpenEdge Product and AutoEdge). They should give you a good idea of all what´s possible to do with OpenEdge, which is a lot! The source code of AutoEdge is available for everything shown there. Feel free to let us know what you think and how well you could follow (depending on your overall expertise and experience) and what you need to do, and we can guide you further.

Ah, and I forgot to say: Welcome to the Progress family!!


Posted by Tim Kuehn on 02-Jul-2008 09:05

I'm surprised nobody's mentioned the PEG:

That's where I learned most of what I know about the ABL from when I was first getting started.

Posted by Admin on 26-Aug-2008 09:29

I have over 20 years programming experience and have worked on diverse systems. I started working in Progress about two years ago and that was also the first time I had heard about Progress/OpenEdge. I had spent over a month reading from here and there. After a month I started reading ABL handbook by John Sadd. In my opinion if you are a new comer to Progress then this book is a must read and should precede any other material. This is available online free of charge.

Posted by adaltas on 26-Aug-2008 10:22

Is this the book you are recommending?

10.1C OpenEdge Development: ABL Handbook, by John Sadd

Posted by Admin on 13-Nov-2008 19:39

I see alot of good suggestions for books from which to learn Progress, but I don't know about you guys...but I've always learned best from trial and error. Does anyone know or does there even exist a compiler out there we newbies can download so we can start writing some code???

Posted by Admin on 13-Nov-2008 23:12

Try the OpenEdge evaluation kit available here:

It includes the IDE, all you need to do is to register and download.

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