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Posted by dbeattie on 20-Nov-2008 07:56

Is there any way to make the SQL Preview when selecting a table READ-ONLY? Currently it gets some level of lock on the database during the preview. Many times I get timeouts or other odd results because of this locking.



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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 20-Nov-2008 11:15

Did you define the ODBC entry as READ UNCOMMITTED?

Posted by dbeattie on 24-Nov-2008 08:20

No. I didn't see anywhere in Edit Connection Profile that I could select any type of READ-ONLY setting. Would I manually type something under Additional Parameters?

Posted by dbeattie on 26-Nov-2008 08:56

If I run the following script against the connected database, Navigator Preview will use read uncommitted until I close and reestablish the connection, which then puts in back to read committed. I don't see why the PREVIEW would ever use read committed.


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