Error while executing select query in progress database

Posted by Admin on 10-Dec-2008 04:51

Hi all,

I am trying to execute the below query, but i am getting error like

The JDBC driver returned the following error message: 'java.sql.SQLException: : (7631)'. For details, contact your database server vendor.

the SQL Query i am trying to execute is:-

SELECT event_id,connector_id ,object_name,object_key = substring(object_key,1,20),Object_verb,Event_priority,Event_time,Event_status,Event_comment = substring(Event_comment,1,30),WFID,WFGUI, wfcoid /* = rtrim(WFCOID)/ ,WFUEID,WFAPPL,WFSSYS,WFMODF,WFASTS,WFRESF,WFCANF,WFREQR,WFREMR,WFKEYF=substring(WFKEYF,1,30), WFCRDT,WFCRTM,WFMNDT,WFMNTM ,WFREF1, /rtrim(WFREF2) as*/ WFREF2,WFREF3=substring(WFREF3,1,30),WAID,WAGUI ,WAATID,WANAME,WASEQN,WAVLUE =substring(WAVLUE,1,30),WACRDT,WACRTM,WAREF1, WAREF2 FROM UZET ,UZWF , UZWA WHERE WFGUI=WAGUI AND WAGUI= (select object_key from UZET where Event_time = (select min(Event_time) from UZET where Event_status = 0 and object_name='abcdefghi'))

if any body having idea why this error is coming, please help me.

thanks & Regards,


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